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Setback for Coca-Cola in juice lawsuit mirroring POM v Coke case

Coca-Cola suffers setback in juice labeling lawsuit

By Elaine Watson

A California judge has refused to throw out a false advertising lawsuit accusing Coca-Cola of misleading shoppers by marketing a juice comprised almost entirely of apple and grape juice as a ‘Pomegranate Blueberry flavored blend of 5 juices’.

Coca-Cola to settle some Vitaminwater deceptive advertising lawsuits

Settlement offers injunctive, but not monetary, relief (Coke required to amend labels but consumers won't get any money)

Coca-Cola agrees to settle 'copycat' Vitaminwater deceptive advertising lawsuits, but CSPI still on the warpath

By Elaine Watson

Coca-Cola has agreed to settle a series of 'copycat' lawsuits accusing it of deceptively marketing Vitaminwater. But the lawsuit that inspired them all - filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest in 2009 - is still pending, as the...

Functional Diet Coke anyone?

Functional Diet Coke anyone?

By Clarisse Douaud

Coca-Cola North America has announced its plans to launch Diet Coke
Plus, a carbonated calorie-free beverage with the added value of
vitamins and minerals, that could put the concept of functionality
at the front line of the soft...


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