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Special Edition: Botanicals

Turmeric leads the charge as herbal sales continue to bloom

By Stephen Daniells

With 118% growth in the mass channel and 32% growth in the natural channel, turmeric/curcumin was the stand-out ingredient in 2015, with overall sales for the ingredient exceeding $50 million in mass & natural channels.

GMPs, AERs, and the NY AG’s action: CRN’s Mister on the big issues of the last decade

Steve Mister’s 10 year anniversary as president and CEO of the CRN

GMPs, AERs, and the NY AG’s action: CRN’s Mister on the big issues of the last decade

By Stephen Daniells

The two most positive things to happen to the dietary supplements industry over the last ten years have been GMPs and AERs, says Steve Mister, CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. And what is the most significant negative thing? The NY AG’s action.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is expanding his investigation into herbal supplements sold in New York State

Updated: NBTY appreciates AG's efforts & will comply. "We are confident that our products meet our label claims"

NBTY, Pharmavite, Nature's Way and Nutraceutical Corp. pulled into NY AG’s probe

By Stephen Daniells

NY AG Eric Schneiderman has extended his investigation into herbal supplements by sending letters to four leading manufacturers demanding detailed ingredient and quality control information on every herbal supplement they sell in his state.

NY AG takes on GNC, Walgreens, Walmart & Target on herbal supplements

GNC, Walgreens, Target and Walmart sent cease and desist letters

‘Uninformed’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘premature’: Industry experts round on NY AG’s action against major retailers over failed DNA tests for herbal supplements

By Stephen Daniells

The New York Attorney General has sent letters to GNC, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens telling them to stop selling some herbal supplements after DNA tests found 79% didn’t contain the labeled substance or contained other non-listed ingredients. Analytical...


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