General Mills

The most widely cultivated oat varieties such as Avena sativa are not very high in protein

General Mills seeks to patent high-protein oat variety

By Elaine Watson

General Mills is seeking to patent a new oat variety with more than double the protein of standard cultivated varieties and a more stable fatty acid profile, making the oats less prone to oxidation. 

The Yo-Plus case was not prompted by FDA or FTC

Class action lawsuits set to ‘explode’ in health claims arena

By Elaine Watson

A potent combination of lawyers on the make, a rise in activism from consumer lobby groups and food manufacturers pushing the envelope with more aggressive health claims is set to prompt an “explosion” in class action lawsuits in the coming years, according...

General Mills pushes case for Cheerios claim

General Mills pushes case for Cheerios claim

By Guy Montague-Jones

General Mills has responded to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) letter asking for more evidence to support a revised health claim regarding the impact of Cheerios on cholesterol levels.

General Mills sued over probiotic claims

General Mills sued over probiotic claims

By Shane Starling

The legal firm that mounted the class action against Dannon that resulted in a $35m out-of-court settlement, is one of several law firms that have mounted a similar action against another probiotic product, this time General Mills’ Yo-Plus.


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