Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata) in Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India. J.M. Garg / Wikimedia Commons

Boswellia oleogum resin prone to adulteration, new bulletin outlines

By Adi Menayang

The botanical Boswellia has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties for millennia, but it’s not uncommon to find some products today labeled as Boswellia to skimp on the amount of the botanical or to substitute in a less-researched form.

How reductionism vs whole spectrum plays out in the real world

Special edition: Ayurveda

How reductionism vs whole spectrum plays out in the real world

By Hank Schultz

Applying Ayurvedic principles can lead product formulators in different directions. Products from two brands—EuroPharma and Gaia Herbs—illustrate how these differences play out in the marketplace.

Photo: Flickr/Public Domain


Ayurveda: a very basic primer

By Adi Menayang

The thousand-year-old medicinal system is relatively unknown to many North Americans. But its rich and vibrant history is often taken for granted even in parts of the world where it thrives. Here are some basics.


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