NDI draft guidance

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13 things we learned from the IPA’s DC Workshop

By Stephen Daniells

From market sizing to the positions from FDA and FTC on NDIs and claims substantiation, the International Probiotic Association’s DC workshop succeeded in providing a venue for sharing knowledge and expertise.

Lesser Periwinkle Plant (Vinca minor). Image © Ryan Kaldari

Senator Hatch urges withdrawal of vinpocetine notice

By Stephen Daniells

Dietary supplement champion Sen Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is calling for the withdrawal of a Federal Register Notice that questioned the regulatory status of vinpocetine as a new dietary ingredient.

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Ten things to change about DSHEA

By Stephen Daniells

If you could change one thing about the Dietary Supplements Health & Education Act, what would it be? Ten industry lawyers weighed in…

FDA extends NDI comment period to Dec. 12

FDA extends NDI comment period to Dec. 12

By Hank Schultz

The Food and Drug Administration has extended the comment period on the updated draft version of the New Dietary Ingredients guidance. The new deadline for comments is Dec. 12.

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NPA to develop ‘safe harbor’ list for dietary ingredients

By Stephen Daniells

In response to the recently re-released NDI draft guidance, the Natural Products Association (NPA) has said it is in the later stages of developing a comprehensive safe harbor list of pre-DSHEA dietary ingredients.

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