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20 things we learned at the 2018 IPA DC Workshop

By Stephen Daniells

The Nagoya Protocol, the big changes coming for Lactobacillus classification, and how to boost your chances of success with an NDI notification were just some of the topic covered during the third annual IPA Workshop in DC.

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Ease of market entry poses risk for entire industry

By Hank Schultz

Does DHSEA contain within it the seeds of the industry’s downfall? The freewheeling marketplace this regulation created has placed the barriers to entry so low that less than reputable companies have room to maneuver, creating risk for the whole industry.

Are dietary supplements getting better?


Are dietary supplements getting better?

By Hank Schultz

Are dietary supplements getting ‘better?’ Or are the new products that come onto the market merely a matter of churn, replacing tired packaging and marketing concepts with updated versions?

Fucovital, a patented, all-natural 3% fucoxanthin oleoresin is produced and extracted from microalgae.

Algatech receives NDI for new microalgae ingredient

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Algatechnologies has launched Fucovital, a fucoxanthin oleoresin produced and extracted from microalgae, available in the US and Japan with launches in other markets to follow.

Some shady ingredients find home in nootropics category

Special edition: Nootropics

Some shady ingredients find home in nootropics category

By Hank Schultz

Nootropics is an area of the dietary supplement industry burgeoning with new ingredients. But at the ragged fringe of the category are drug-like substances that just won’t go away.

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