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Marketing CBD is mostly about risk tolerance, legal expert says

Marketing CBD is mostly about risk tolerance, legal expert says

By Hank Schultz

The source of CBD should be of concern for the companies marketing the ingredient, said a legal expert at a recent dietary supplement industry event. But he also said the regulatory landscape for the ingredient is shifting so fast that any opinions he...

Attorney: “I hear people say things like, well company X is doing it, why can’t I? It’s like saying, ‘Well, everyone else was speeding, officer...’ (Picture: © Getty Images / Aleksandr_Kravtsov)

'Ignorance is amok... not even the investors are asking the right questions. It’s total anarchy'

SPECIAL FEATURE: What is the regulatory status of CBD in food and beverage products?

By Elaine Watson

If you ask the FDA or the DEA if CBD (cannabidiol) is permitted in foods, beverages and supplements, the answer is a pretty unequivocal NO. If you ask the scores of companies currently selling it in everything from CBD-infused soda to smoothie kits, the...

Image: Creative Commons

FDA says no to CBD in supplements

By Hank Schultz

In a recently updated communication on marijuana, the Food and Drug Administration has flatly stated that products based on cannabidiol (CBD), a non-narcotic fraction of Cannabis sativa, cannot be marketed as dietary supplements.  The reason? A pre-existing...

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