Galam Group

Established in 1940, Galam Group brings extensive expertise in refining nature’s raw materials - manufacturing fructose (Fruitose®), glucose, natural high-fiber and protein ingredients, as well as native and modified starches. Additionally, Galam Group...

GAT Foods

Gat Foods is a global producer and marketer of a broad range of industrial products for the beverage industry. Our product range includes drinks bases and emulsions, as well as NFC juices, juice concentrates and a variety of fruit based drinks ingredients....

GC Rieber Oils

GC Rieber Oils has been a leading supplier of refined fish oils since 1965. The company is headquartered in Kristiansund on the north-west coast of Norway, a central base for the Scandinavian marine industry.

GEA Filtration

GEA Filtration specializes in cross-flow membrane filtration, specifically nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration to the food, dairy, nutraceutical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

GEA: The ultimate in Food and Beverage Processing

Your Product. Our Know-How.Today's food and beverage processing facilities need modern technology that is innovative, efficient and reliable. GEA has the engineering solutions to retrofit an existing system or to develop a completely new plant. With...

Gelita AG

GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. More than 135 years of experience...

Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Gemini Pharmaceuticals is a contract manufacturer of Dietary Supplements and OTC Pharmaceuticals. Gemini’s commitment to product excellence has been a core value since its founding more than 30 years ago. We provide a multitude of services designed to...


Gencor is your source for botanical ingredients that meet your customer's changing health needs. As your customers age, their supplementation needs become increasingly important. Gencor offers an extensive list of branded ingredients and standardized...

Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals creates ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries. Glanbia Nutritionals brings together leadership expertise in cheese, dairy and plant proteins, grains and seeds, bioactives, premix,...

Gnosis by Lesaffre USA

Microorganisms are invisible agents of change, facilitating our mobility, protecting us from disease, and helping us adapt to our ever-changing environment. At Gnosis by Lesaffre, microorganisms are a part of our workforce.

We harness their...

Grain Processing Corporation

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is continually expanding the depth and breadth of its nutritional application expertise for which its line of specialty ingredients are used. These ingredients continue to meet changing industry trends and customer requirements.

GTC Nutrition

Founded in 1988, GTC Nutrition is a recognized leader in providing customized nutrition solutions to the food, beverage, supplement and animal feed and food industries. Our portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions along with our in-house scientific,...

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