Gencor™ and its worldwide partners supply branded, clinically researched botanical ingredients designed to support the ever-changing health needs, through all stages of life. Gencor’s high-quality, potent, GRAS ingredients undergo rigorous scientific analysis, are all clinically studied and manufactured in GMP-certified conditions.

Gencor’s current partnerships with like-minded ingredient suppliers from all over the globe, include Pharmako Biotechnologies, Pharmactive Biotech Products, BTC, Linnea, and Vinh Wellness.  This allows Gencor to offer an extensive catalogue of ingredients and innovative delivery technologies that are advancing the way ingredients are treated, applied and consumed.

Gencor’s extensive portfolio of healthy aging, sports nutrition and cognitive health products include:

  • HydroCurc®​ (bioavailable curcumin formulated with award-winning LipiSperse®)
  • Levagen+®​ (bioavailable palmitoylethanolamide(PEA) as a safe CBD alternative)
  • Testofen®​ (men’s health/active nutrition and muscle support)
  • AGEprost®​(healthy aging and men’s health)
  • Slimaluma®​ (appetite suppression and stress and anxiety reduction)
  • Affron®​(Stress and anxiety reduction and Mood improvement)

Gencor is committed to investing in clinical studies, published in peer-reviewed journals, supporting the efficacy of each product and technology in its portfolio.

To learn more about Gencor’s ingredient offerings, innovative technologies, and commitment to transparent sourcing, visit​.

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