Gencor™ and its worldwide ingredient partners supply branded, innovative, clinically researched ingredients designed to support the changing consumer health needs through all stages of life. Rooted in 6,000 years of Ayurvedic tradition, Gencor’s premium-quality, potent, GRAS ingredients and herbs go through rigorous scientific analysis and are manufactured in GMP-certified conditions.

Gencor’s growing portfolio of healthy aging and sports nutrition products include:

  • HydroCurc® (bioavailable curcumin formulated with award-winning LipiSperse®)
  • Levagen+™ PEA (bioavailable palmitoylethanolamide for joint health and inflammation support)
  • Testofen® (men’s health/active nutrition and muscle support)
  • ActivAMP® (weight management support)
  • Slimaluma® (appetite suppression and stress and anxiety reduction)

What makes Gencor’s offerings different, is the years of scientific research behind each one of its ingredients. Gencor has conducted over 20 clinical studies supporting the efficacy of each product and technology in its portfolio.

Gencor also prides itself on its partnership verification program where they validate and audit their global ingredient partners for supply chain transparency and open communication from the ingredient source to the finished product manufacturer. 

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