Flavanols: A "valuable component" for gut barrier integrity

By Olivia Brown

Flavanols can protect and restore gut barrier integrity following exposure to stressors such as obesity, and gut-related disorders such as coeliac disease, but future research should look to reveal personalised differences in bioavailability.

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Prior conditions impact effectiveness of sleep supplements, study finds

By Olivia DeSmit

In a study recently published in Nutrients, researchers found a link between prior conditions and the effectiveness of sleep supplements. The four supplements tested, l-theanine, GABA, AVLE and l-serine resulted in better sleep overall, and improved certain...

Could CBD hold the answer to berry freshness? Credit: Getty/Cristina Ionescu


Extending the shelf-life of berries with CBD

By Bethan Grylls

A team of researchers in Thailand have developed a CBD-based coating which has shown promise in delaying rot in strawberries to keep them fresher for longer.

Pomegranate extract may benefit eye health, study finds

Pomegranate extract may benefit eye health, study finds

By Olivia Brown

A new study suggests that Euromed S. A.’s pomegranate extract, Pomanox (PMX), may exhibit significant anti-inflammatory benefits within an in vitro model of human reconstituted corneal epithelial cells.

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