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Adding Life to a Stagnant Joint Health Category

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Is it time for something new to offer in your joint health product line? Does one ingredient that provides three different benefits sound interesting? What if these benefits were now shown in healthy subjects? Then if we told you the ingredient provided results in a fast 4-10 days, AND it was only 500 mg per daily dose, are you convinced to learn more? New research conducted on NEM®​ eggshell membrane in a healthy population opens up new possibilities for claims language, and in combination with its previously published trials, builds a strong foundation for a successful joint health formula.

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Can We Benefit from Zombies? (Dead Probiotics)

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Can We Benefit from Zombies? (Dead Probiotics)

Just when we began to really understand probiotics, prebiotics and their synbiotic combinations, we have been met with an invasion of other “biotic” words – parabiotics, postbiotics, ghost probiotics and even zombie probiotics.

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