ESSNA joins industry initiative to promote sustainability

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The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has joined the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices to undertake tangible actions to contribute towards the industry’s inclusive and sustainable growth.

As a signatory of the Code, ESSNA pledges to continue working towards a climate-neutral food chain and a circular economy to ensure that the highest quality sports nutrition products do not only support consumers’ active lifestyles and nutritional goals, but also carry the lowest environmental and social impact for the planet.

Dr Adam Carey, chairman of ESSNA said: “Following the launch of the ESSNA’s Sustainability Pledge in May 2022, we are delighted to announce that ESSNA is further advancing the sports and active nutrition sector’s transition to sustainability by joining the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.

"As regulators increasingly require food businesses to comply with environmental standards, ESSNA is at the forefront of the industry’s shift to sustainability. As a signatory of this Code, ESSNA pledges to promote and disseminate it and endorse its aspirational objectives."

Dr Carey says ESSNA will keep "actively supporting" members in adopting best practices with regards to transparent sourcing, animal welfare, circular packaging, food loss and waste reduction and prevention as well as other sustainability goals.

"We will also explore the possibility of developing sector-specific tools and resources and we will continue to work closely with industry and policy stakeholders in support of the Code”.

Launched on 5th​ July 2021, the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices is an industry-led initiative outlining actions that stakeholders can voluntarily commit to taking, in order to improve and communicate their sustainability performance.

The Code is an integral part of the action plan and one of the first deliverables of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, the EU flagship initiative aiming to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system, focusing on issues such as food consumption, production, processing and distribution.

The Code also contributes to other initiatives of the European Green Deal, including the Biodiversity Strategy, the EU Industrial Strategy as well as international sustainability objectives, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and those of the Paris Climate Agreement.

ESSNA's Sustainability Pledge 

1. Ensuring that the origins of ingredients and raw materials can be transparently traced to sustainable sources. 

2. Taking environmental and ethical credentials into consideration when procuring suppliers. 

3. Opting for grass-fed whey products and free-range farming practices. 

4. Continuing to invest in the development and roll-out of plant-based sports nutrition products. 

5. Supporting the development and adoption of innovative and low-carbon packaging materials. 

6. Minimising the amount of product waste through various outlets.  

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