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Regulatory Affairs: Your critical partner in innovation and business growth

By Elena Nekrasov, PhD, Senior Regulatory Scientist, Access Business Group, Amway

Getting your regulatory affairs department or a consultant involved early in the development process can save multiple headaches later when bringing new products to market. The global regulatory goalposts are moving all the time, and R&D teams need...

NPA CEO on CBD: ‘Folks need to take the front door with FDA’


NPA CEO on CBD: ‘Folks need to take the front door with FDA’

By Stephen Daniells

The Natural Products Association’s stance on CBD is to take FDA’s word on the controversial ingredient, until someone takes the front door with the Agency and files an NDI or a GRAS notification with the FDA for CBD.

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A product registry would go a long way toward weeding out bad actors

By Hank Schultz

The low barriers to entry in the dietary supplement industry create the risk that the good deeds of the many will be besmirched by the transgressions of the few. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it, given enough collective will.

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Top FDA official: ‘Anyone who thinks CBD is lawful is mistaken’

By Stephen Daniells

“Just because we haven’t taken enforcement action people seem to think it [CBD] is OK,” said Steven Tave, director of the FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, at a recent industry conference. “Anyone who thinks it is lawful is mistaken.”

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20 things we learned at the 2018 IPA DC Workshop

By Stephen Daniells

The Nagoya Protocol, the big changes coming for Lactobacillus classification, and how to boost your chances of success with an NDI notification were just some of the topic covered during the third annual IPA Workshop in DC.

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