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PharmaNutra launches new food supplement for long Covid fatigue
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Long Covid fatigue: can a new food supplement energize and restore health?

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Physical and mental fatigue is identified with the term asthenia (from Greek, devoid of strength) and is characterized by loss of energy, weakness, irritability and anxiety. When asthenia persists over time, it may be necessary to resort to minerals, vitamins and nutrients supplements that can strengthen our body and provide the energy required to cope with everyday life.

The causes that lead to asthenia condition can be varied, including:

  • Periods of stress
  • Irregular lifestyles
  • Unbalanced diets
  • Change of season
  • Aging
  • Irregular sleep
  • Intense sports activity

ApportAL® is a food supplement containing 19 nutrients essential for physical and mental fatigue. Its key benefits include:
- Immune: promotes the normal functioning of the immune system.
- Muscle: contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.
- Antioxidant: promotes the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
- Energizing: contributes to normal energy metabolism and the reduction of fatigue.

The new supplement can be useful for people who need a rapid recovery of energy; for those who suffer from periods of fatigue and frequent fatigue; for post-flu recovery, often characterized by weakness and asthenic symptoms; for diets with low intakes of nutrients or in situations of deficiency of one or more nutrients and for people who regularly practice sports.

It is also significant to remember that the minerals it contains, such as iron, zinc, selenium, iodine and magnesium, are in Sucrosomial® form, a technology patented by Pharmanutra S.p.a., in which the mineral is protected within a matrix of phospholipids and sucrose esters of fatty acids; this allows high absorption and excellent gastrointestinal tolerability of these nutrients.

Some people who have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 can experience long-term effects from their infection, known as 'chronic COVID syndrome' or 'long-COVID'. One of the most common symptoms, which may last for months after the end of the infection, is persistent tiredness or fatigue. ​This condition has been found in people of all ages, both those who have had a severe infection and those who have had only a mild form of the infection. A research letter in 2020 found that 87% of people recovered and discharged from hospitals showed persistence of at least one symptom even at 60 days.1

A recent study published in 2022 was conducted in Italy and involved 30 subjects who had Post-Covid Syndrome after the acute phase of the disease.2​ Subjects received one sachet per day of ApportAL® for 28 consecutive days from the first day of recruitment. The results showed a significant increase in muscle strength and improved physical performance.  


Figure 1: ApportAL®​ sucrosome

The key findings of this study compared to a previous published in 2021 is that the benefit of using ApportAL®​ has been objectively demonstrated on the improvement of muscle strength and physical performance.3​ This indicated an overall improvement in the quality of life and wellbeing of subjects in this hard phase of recovery after an acute disease such as Covid-19.

ApportAl® is useful for people who need a quick recovery of energy; for those who suffer periods of frequent tiredness and fatigue; for post-flu recovery, often characterized by weakness and asthenic symptoms; for diets characterized by poor nutrient intakes or in situations of deficiency of one or more nutrients and for people who regularly practice intense sports activity.


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