PharmaNutra Spa

PharmaNutra Spa

Founded and led by the President Andrea Lacorte and Vice President Roberto Lacorte, PharmaNutra was established in 2003.
It develops unique nutritional supplements and innovative medical devices, handling the entire production process, from proprietary raw materials to the finished product.

The effectiveness of its products is documented by considerable scientific proof, including 135 publications.
The Group distributes and sells its products in Italy and abroad. In Italy, products are sold through a network of 160 Pharmaceutical Representatives serving doctors and also exclusively selling PharmaNutra products to pharmacies throughout Italy. Products are sold in over 60 countries abroad, through 41 partners selected from among the finest pharmaceutical companies. PharmaNutra leads the market in the production of iron-based nutritional supplements under the SiderAL®​ brand, where it boasts a number of important patents on Sucrosomial®​ technology.

Over the years, the Group has developed a precise strategy for the management and production of intellectual property, founded on the integrated management of all the various elements: proprietary raw materials, patents, brands and clinical evidence.

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Sideral: a new technology to counter iron deficiency

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A new technology to counter iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is a common condition of low iron levels in our body. Sucrosomial iron is an innovative oral technology with excellent tolerability and high absorption of this important nutrient in all situations of deficiency or increased needs for iron.

Apportal: how to fight the physical and mental fatigue

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How to fight the physical and mental fatigue

Asthenia is characterized by loss of energy and weakness. Apportal is a food supplement containing 19 essential nutrients for physical and mental fatigue and it is useful for people who need a quick recovery of energy and for those who regularly practice...