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Seasonality returns to the immune support category

Seasonality returns to the immune support category

By Asia Sherman

Heightened awareness during the pandemic may have boosted year-round interest in supplementing healthy lifestyles holistically, but retail data shows that consumers have reverted to pre-pandemic habits of priming their immune systems during the cold and...

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Pycnogenol positioned to meet demand for 'immunity plus'

By Claudia Adrien

In some respects, ‘immunity plus,’ the idea that a single supplement can address a combination of health needs in addition to immune health, is not a new concept for decades-old Horphag Research.

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SelenoExcell achieves self-affirmed GRAS

By Danielle Masterson

The standardized high-selenium yeast–a more efficacious food form of the mineral–is also GRAS-affirmed for use in a variety of food categories.

The oral microbiome balance has been shown to affect physical and mental health

Oral microbiome: the key to better health?

By Kirsty Doolan

Numerous studies show that the oral microbiome impacts our systematic health, which means there may be new opportunities for personal care products designed to improve health and wellness.

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Postbiotic shows efficacy for immune system support: RCT

By Stephen Daniells

Supplementation with heat-killed Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92 postbiotic may boost antiviral immunity in healthy adults, says results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study from Japan.

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Healthy ageing: Is the microbiome the conductor?

By Nikki Hancocks

With the gut microbiome holding the key to almost every aspect of our health, from digestion and immunity, to hormonal balance and skin health, it should perhaps come as no surprise that healthy ageing may well start with the promotion of beneficial gut...


Vitamin D improves outcomes of hospitalised COVID-19 patients

By Olivia Brown

A new study finds that supplementation with 25(OH) vitamin D in an Italian cohort of hospitalised COVID-19 patients that were deficient, resulted in a reduced length of hospital stay compared to those who were not supplemented.


COVID:19: L-carnitine supplement may have protective effect

By Olivia Brown

A new RCT has found that the L-carnitine supplement Carnipure tartrate can increase platelet counts in patients testing positive for COVID-19, suggesting it may have a protective effect against thrombosis-induced complications.

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Bimuno prebiotic may boost immune health for elite rugby players

By Stephen Daniells

Supplementing the diet of elite athletes with prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) may reduce the duration of upper respiratory symptoms and support gut health, says a new study that may improve the athletes’ availability to train and compete.

Image courtesy of Nutrishop

Q&A: Nutrishop on what fuels 20-year success

By Danielle Masterson

Nutrishop recently hit a major milestone–celebrating its 20 year anniversary. The company’s founders and COO looked back on the evolution of Nutrishop and the wider industry.

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May Launch Pad

By Danielle Masterson

This month’s launches are packed with branded ingredients aimed largely at brain health, along with energy for athletic performance and a couple metabolic support products for good measure.

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Innovate with EpiCor Postbiotic!

Innovate with EpiCor Postbiotic!

Upgrade your innovation with EpiCor® Postbiotic! EpiCor® is an innovative, science-backed postbiotic ingredient clinically shown to support immune health....