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Are dietary supplements getting better?


Are dietary supplements getting better?

By Hank Schultz

Are dietary supplements getting ‘better?’ Or are the new products that come onto the market merely a matter of churn, replacing tired packaging and marketing concepts with updated versions?

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Editor's comment

No BBC, probiotics are not 'quite useless'

By Stephen Daniells

A new BBC article dismisses the benefits of probiotics because a study failed to find colonization. It is a serious mistake to confuse colonization with efficacy and we need to get this message across to consumers.

The raw material for the iWi line of products is grown at two locations, one in West Texas, the other in southern New Mexico.  iWi photo.

Algae products brand iWi lands Sam's Club distribution deal

By Hank Schultz

Algae products manufacturer iWi has landed a deal with Sam’s Club that will greatly expand distribution of the company’s signature products based on omega-3s bound to polar lipids produced by a proprietary algal strain.