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Combination of ginger and V. negundo may help alleviate low back pain

By Olivia DeSmit

A supplement containing a combination of ginger and Vitex negundo showed promising results for alleviating low back pain in a clinical trial. The results of the trial, funded by Enovate Biolife, showed improvements in pain intensity and other markers.

Source: D. Ataman

CRN files lawsuit against NY’s age restrictive supplement law

By Deniz Ataman

New York’s law, which prohibits retailers in the state from selling certain dietary supplements to consumers under age 18, lacks clarity and creates confusion for consumers, retailers, marketers and manufacturers, explained Steve Mister, president &...

Yoplait owns a number of children's yoghurt brands including Petits Filous and Frubes. Credit: Yoplait


Yoplait: Narrative around children’s yoghurt must change

By William Dodds

More than 1m children in the UK are at risk of their development being impacted because they lack nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D, according to a new report from kids’ yoghurt manufacturer Yoplait.

The state of science for genomics in sports nutrition

The state of science for genomics in sports nutrition

By Danielle Masterson

As a heritable trait influenced by both environmental and genetic factors, athletic performance varies widely from person to person. Speaking at the Sports and Active Nutrition Summit, Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, chief science officer at Toronto-based Nutrigenomix,...

dsm-firmenich teams with SCN BestoCo for omega-3 gummy innovation

dsm-firmenich teams with SCN BestoCo for omega-3 gummy innovation

By Asia Sherman

Global health and nutrition company dsm-firmenich is partnering with U.S. supplement manufacturer SCN BestCo to package high-dose, algae-derived omega-3 gummies that overcome traditional formulation challenges and address sustainability issues in the...

Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2024

How GLP-1 users are shaking up the dietary supplement industry

By Danielle Masterson

At the recent Sports and Active Nutrition Summit, GLP-1 medications was a hot topic – with just about every panel receiving a question about the medication’s impact on the sector. While weight loss medications can present challenges for the industry,...

Plant stanols increase COVID-19 antibody response

Plant stanols increase COVID-19 antibody response in the overweight

By Claudia Adrien

Overweight and obese individuals who consumed plant stanols decreased the overall inflammatory activity of the immune system while simultaneously increasing antibody responses to COVID-19, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical...

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International Women's Day: Trends in women’s health

By Olivia Haslam

PMS and menopause support, mental and emotional well-being, supporting active lifestyles, and creating tailored solutions are the key trends emerging in women’s health, according to industry experts.

6 reasons to enter the NutraIngredients-USA Awards!

6 reasons to enter the NutraIngredients-USA Awards!

By Stephen Daniells

The 2024 NutraIngredients-USA Awards are back with new categories but the same commitment to honor the best and brightest in ingredients, finished products, companies, people and initiatives in food supplements and functional food and beverage.

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ILSI brings together industry giants in vitamin K2 task force

By Nikki Hancocks

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe has announced a new Vitamin K2 task force, designated to advance the scientific understanding of the health benefits of Vitamin K2 and provide evidence-based insights to enhance public awareness.

Dr Armpit: Eliminating body odour with ‘good’ bacteria

Dr Armpit: Eliminating body odour with ‘good’ bacteria

By Olivia Brown

There may be significant opportunities to harness the skin microbiome to control body odours with the discovery that strong bacterial diversity, high levels of Cyanobacterium species and low levels of Staphylococci are associated with unpleasant odours.

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How BoobyBiome is unlocking the mysterious breast milk biome

By Nikki Hancocks

Doctors Lydia Mapstone, Sioned Fôn Jones and Tara O'Driscoll founded Boobybiome in 2019 on a mission to better preserve beneficial breast milk bacteria and develop synbiotic supplements to support the infant microbiome.

For Wild.AI users, female is the default gender

For Wild.AI users, female is the default gender

By Danielle Masterson

Hélène Guillaume launched Wild.AI in 2017 to track the various life stages and fitness levels women experience. The company applies the science of female physiology to active women to help them train, recover and supplement based on their cycle.

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