ThymoQuin and vitamin D3 most effective together, TriNutra study finds

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

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© Getty Images / Marc Bruxelle
© Getty Images / Marc Bruxelle

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New research examining the immune effects of TriNutra’s ThymoQuin when combined with D3 on mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and on mice has found that the two work better together.

Black seed oil that contains Thymoquinone has healing properties as a functional food which can reverse the detrimental effects of high-fat diet in diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The study explored the impact of thymoquinone on MSCs, as well as how, when combined with vitamin D3, it affected immune-mediated inflammation.

In vitro studies

In the in vitro part of the research, MSCs were treated with a commercial black seed oil, ThymoQuin, and varying amounts of vitamin D3.

Researchers then looked at the impact of each on MSC proliferation, levels of inflammatory biomarkers, fluctuations in lipid droplet size and number, mitochondrial biogenesis, adipocyte differentiation and stem cell function.

MSCs were selected because they can modulate inflammatory responses and sense different inflammatory signals, making them a practical way to explore the effects of ThymoQuin and vitamin D3 on immune health.

As well as the in vitro section of the study, four groups of mice consumed a high-fat diet, with three being given either ThymoQuin, vitamin D3, or both for the final eight weeks of the process.

An effective combination

The results showed that although ThymoQuin itself was extremely effective, the most dramatic improvements were found when it was taken together with vitamin D3.

In comparison, black seed oil with high amounts of free fatty acid (8% or more) was considerably less effective than ThymoQuin alone or ThymoQuin combined with vitamin D3.

The combination of ThymoQuin and D3 significantly reduced average lipid droplet size and successfully increased the small lipid droplet area. Additionally, there was a recognisable increase in mitochondrial activity and healthy regulation of inflammatory cytokines.

Morris Zelkha, Co-founder and CEO of TriNutra, says: “I have long discussed the synergistic properties that are unique to black seed oil standardised to 3% thymoquinone and with very low free fatty acids.

“While previous focus has been mainly on its synergy with omega-3s, we are happy to share the results of ThymoQuin combined with vitamin D3 for improved immune support. Vitamin D3 is commonly recognised as a necessary part of good health, so seeing that we can enhance its effects with ThymoQuin opens a lot of possibilities for new products and further research.”

Source: Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences

Published online:

‘Beneficial Effect of 3% Thymoquinone on Stem Cell-Mediated Improvement in Immune System and Anti-Inflammatory Function’

Authors: Kevin Yuen et al.

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