Nouri unleashes immunobiotic beverage

By Danielle Masterson

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Nouri unleashes immunobiotic beverage

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The gut health brand, perhaps best known for its two-in-one capsules containing probiotics that float inside plant-based omega oil (Ahiflower), has now entered the functional beverage category with the launch of Inner Immune.

“Inner Immune is the only immunobiotic beverage on the market,” ​said Caroline Beckman​, Nouri Founder and CEO. “Inner Immune supports all-day immunity and digestion and gives consumers the benefits of multiple other supplements with a single beverage—all with daily essential vitamins and zero sugar or calories. 

Beckman previously told NutraIngredients-USA​ that unique and scientifically-sound offerings are a must to compete in the probiotic category, and now she’s applying that belief to functional beverages. While Beckman said there was a major learning curve in this latest endeavor, she was able to make it happen—with a little help from her friends. 

“There are major differences between the supplement and beverage categories—from margin structure to manufacturing—but having started my career in the beverage industry almost a decade ago, I was able to leverage my background and relationships to make our team’s jump into beverage as smooth as possible. When we decided to launch Inner Immune, we were only a few calls away from some of the best formulators and supply chain providers in the industry.”

A familiar name

Nouri originally developed Inner Immune as a powder formula​ that is mixed with water.

While consumers enjoyed Inner Immune’s taste and functionality, Beckman said they wanted a ready-to-drink alternative that would provide the same functional benefits. 

“So, instead of making our consumers open, pour, and stir powder from a sachet, we took our Inner Immune formula and reinvented it as a tasty, 0-calorie, 0-sugar beverage,” ​said Beckman. “Life is tough and people are busy; the easier you make it for people to be healthy, the more likely people will be healthy. We think cracking open an immune support drink is about as convenient as we can make it.”

Ingredients and the science behind them

With 70% or more of the body’s immune cells in the gut, Beckman noted how Inner Immune is designed with ingredients that strengthen those cells: an immunobiotic (or “postbiotic”), prebiotic fiber, daily essential vitamins, and special ingredients—like L-glutamine—that rebuild damaged gut lining. 

“Inner Immune contains Immuno-LP20 (heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137), ‘good bacteria' that has been shown to reduce the incidence and severity of upper respiratory tract infections. Immuno-LP20 is unaffected by internal conditions, such as digestive juices, so it survives until it gets to where it needs to go within the body. As a result, the digestive process does not kill the ‘good bacteria'—as is the case with other immune health beverages like kombucha. Immuno-LP20 is also highly resistant to severe external conditions, such as high temperatures, and can be stored with no decrease in effectiveness over time. Thus, Inner Immune is shelf-stable—making it easy to store and transport for retailers and consumers alike,” ​explained Beckman. 


Inner Immune is available in three flavors: Orange Zest, Blackberry Lemon, and Watermelon Lime. The beverage joins a line of precision probiotics Nouri launched in 2020, including Digestive Health, Women’s Health, and Weight Health.

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