AIDP gets patent on prebiotic action of XOS-kiwi extract combo

By Hank Schultz

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©Getty Images - Nastco

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Ingredient developer AIDP says new data on gut health benefits helped support a new patent on a prebiotic combination.

The  recently issued US patent 10,881,675 applies to a combination of green or gold kiwifruit extract powder with AIDP’s xyolooligosaccharide (XOS) branded as PreticX.

The study used to support the patent application paired 600 gm of a green kiwi extract (branded as Actazin and 1.4 grams of PreticX, which subjects ingested for 28 days.  The effects of this combination were compared to 600 mg of Actazin alone and against a placebo.  The combination intervention was shown to improve the participant’s Bristonl Stool Scale (BSS) score more than Actazin did alone and against placebo.  BSS scores, which group stool appearance in seven scores  from diarrhea to constipation, are used as an easy measure of gut health judged by elimination habits and comfort.

Studies specific to prebiotic forms

The ingredient is differentiated from its competitors in the functional carbohydrate space by its specific form and the evidence of efficaciousness specific to the xylooligosaccharide, or XOS form, Edward Lee, owner of AIDP, said at the time of the ingredient’s launch into the US market. 

XOS is among a group of carbohydrates called xylans that are common constituents of plant cell walls and are based on xylose, a pentose sugar. Lee said research has shown that XOS resists digestion until it is fermented in the colon, where it strongly fosters the growth of bifidobacteria, one of the main groups of beneficial bacteria in the human gut. 

There is already a published study by UCLA that is an in vitro study as to what friendly bacteria can be proliferated by XOS. It shows at what concentrations and different levels the different bacteria proliferate. It shows that XOS can pretty much proliferate all the bifidobacterium species, and thats more than 30 species,​ Lee said. 

“This patent is a great addition to AIDP’s prebiotic portfolio,”​ said Dr Jennifer Gu, AIDP’s vice president of R&D. “Our research agenda focuses on providing proven results to our customers. Securing this patent ensures our customers have a verified unique product for daily digestive support.”

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