NutraCast Podcast: Hemp pioneer Richard Rose on CBD, FDA

By Danielle Masterson

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NutraCast Podcast: Hemp pioneer Richard Rose on CBD, FDA

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On this episode of the NutraCast, we were joined by Richard Rose, who has worked with hemp for decades and is a self-described ‘Hemp OG.” He created the first “open-source” hemp brands Nobacco and Notpot. He has also created CannaSearch, which has opened consumer access to research of Cannabis for dozens of medical conditions. Additionally, he founded the Medicinal Hemp Association, the Hemp Flower Products Association and resurrected the Hemp Food Association.

His extensive background in hemp naturally led Rose to an interest in cannabidiol (CBD).

The FDA is currently evaluating the safety of CBD. While there has been some acknowledgement about CBD’s potential, the agency has said it still wants more data. 

Last month, 17 trade groups, consumer advocates and others wrote letters to the FDA. Some demanded more guidance while others sought  while others asked Congress to “strengthen their position.” 

When asked where he falls on the issue, Rose said the first order of business is to take a step back: “It’s an extremely difficult convo to have when the shadow and lies of schedule 1 looms large. The most onerous regulation for any plant is to be in schedule 1, and that's where cannabis is. Until that is rectified, it's hard to have any discussion at all. So for me, the first thing FDA needs to do is do the right thing and de-schedule marijuana from schedule 1.” 

Rose said once marijuana is de-scheduled, the next step is to look at CBD. “Whatever precedent we set up for CBD, we have another 149 to go through. So we need to be cognizant that it’s not just about CBD, it’s about CBG, CBGa, THCA and CBN. And a lot of other products, cannabinoids are going to have to run this gauntlet again. So we need to be cognizant that whatever we’re doing here, can be applied to the other 149 cannabinoids that will come after it.”

Rose said it all comes down to science and FDA has backed themselves into a corner. “We’re never going to get our 21st amendment, we’re never going to get our DSHEA for cannabis, they’re never going to say ‘here’s your law to make it easier for you’ like they did for dietary supplements. We’re never going to get an apology, a mea culpa like they did for alcohol prohibition in the 21st amendment. And that’s what we’re all waiting for and hoping for, but we’re just never going to get it.”

To hear this conversation in its entirety,  listen to the NutraCast. You can also subscribe on iTunes here.​ 

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