Flatu-Scents unleashes rosy aroma while relieving gas

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Although a source of delight in many children, flatulence is often frowned upon in adulthood. One product takes direct aim at the problem and its accompanying odor.

Flatu-Scents recently announced the launch of an ‘internal deodorant’ marketed to reduce gas and its effects at the source.

“Flatu-Scents addresses an issue that affects millions of people worldwide,”​ explained Jeremy Madvin, CEO of Flatu-Scents. “For many, intestinal gas, gas pressure, and foul-smelling gas pose serious issues not only in their relationships, but also at the workplace. This is why we, as a company, have taken a humorous approach to the embarrassing and seemingly inconsequential situation.”

The inception of Flatu-Scents

“Our parent company was developing an unrelated nutritional supplement for gas pressure and bloating. During the beta testing we noticed something interesting. Expelled gas took on a different scent.”

That moment took Madvin back 20 years, when he was in Japan and came across a product that claimed to turn foul-smelling gas into a rose scent.

“At the time, I didn’t think the market was ready for this product and it failed in Japan. I always attributed its failure in Japan to marketing limitations surrounding cultural norms. The Japanese culture at the time would have seen advertisements for this type of item as vulgar or worse."


Madvin said they did some tinkering in the lab, tossed in humor for good measure, and that’s when Flatu-Scents was born. 


The vegan product can be taken daily or on an as-needed basis. It is non-GMO and made in the United States. The natural ingredients are sourced from US-based raw material suppliers, and they include ginger powder, fennel seed powder, calcium, bee propolis, bilberry powder, peppermint powder, horseradish powder, rose hip powder, all packed into veggie capsules.



Flatu-Scents said they launched their product worldwide following extensive research and development.

When pressed for evidence of the product's effectiveness, Madvin told NutraIngredients-USA that the company does not publish their R&D since much of the work revolves around trade secrets. However, Madvin did offer some insight into their development process.

The CEO said that after about 18 months and a variety of testing approaches, the company finally came up with a formulation that offered the right balance and desired results.

“One of the most difficult parts of testing this product was the fact that the first thing it helps with is reducing gas and gas pressure. So most of the time, our testers would wind up not needing a pleasant smelling outcome…the outcome was very little gas and associated discomfort. Thus, the testing and tinkering took much longer than originally anticipated.”

‘Reducing gas, not eliminating it, while changing the remaining gas to a more pleasant scent’

Butyrate is produced by the body’s gut bacteria and supports digestive health as well as disease prevention. Even though it’s known for its pungent odor, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Madvin said it is not the company’s intention to over-reduce the smelly byproduct, adding that Flatu-scents also helps to reduce hydrogen sulfide, aiming to balance both butyrate and hydrogen sulfide.

“Butyrate has many benefits to our digestive system and restricting the production might create more problems than it solves. Flatu-scents works not only to reduce gas production during the digestion process, but simultaneously produces a complimentary scent that masks unpleasant odors associated with butyrate and hydrogen sulfide production.”

Flatu-Scents is a California-based manufacturer that produces a range of natural health products and supplements. 

Worldwide shipments of Flatu-Scents go live November 15th.

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