Deerland targets gut health with yeast defense enzyme formula

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Deerland targets gut health with yeast defense enzyme formula
Deerland Enzymes’ new dietary supplement formula, called ThioZymeYD, has targeted a condition-specific positioning aimed at supporting gut health by promoting a healthy population of yeast in the small intestine.

It’s part of an ongoing ramification in the enzyme space, as companies move beyond enzymes that target the digestion of a specific food group, such as dairy or carbohydrates, toward combination formulas that seek to offer synergistic benefits. ThioZyme YD takes aim at the candida​ yeast species, overgrowth of which can occur on the skin, on the various mucous membranes on the body, within the alimentary tract, and, rarely within the blood itself.

Combination formula

While an enzymatic activity is the backbone of the product, it’s not the only ingredient in the formula.  The ThioZymeYD formula features a suite of natural ingredients including peptides, essential oils, chelators, and enzymes designed to support normal yeast population in the gut, such as Candida ​species.

“The use of antibiotics or prescription steroids can often suppress or kill the body’s good bacteria, allowing yeast species to grow significantly.  Yeast overgrowth may result in numerous symptoms, making proper diagnosis difficult,”​ Dr. John Deaton, vice president of technology at Deerland Enzymes, told NutraIngredients-USA.

 “When ​Candida overgrowth occurs in the small intestine, it is difficult to correct.  The yeast binds to the lining of the small intestine and mounts its own defense mechanism preventing the body from removing it, causing harm to the digestive tract. By disrupting that mechanism and establishing basal yeast levels in the small intestine, the body’s natural defense mechanisms can re-establish control of the normal micro flora population needed in order to have a healthy digestive tract,” ​he said.

It’s not a blasted-earth approach, Deaton said.  Low levels of yeast are normal in the small intestine, and the ThioZymeYD formula seeks to return the gut to this level of homeostasis.  Part of reestablishing those levels is returning the other organisms in the gut microbiome to something resembling their original state.  Once yeast cells start to overpopulate, they can take over, Deaton said.

“It can crowd out beneficial bacteria such as ​Bifidobacterium and ​Lactobacillus,”​ he said.

“The ThioZymeYD formulation includes ​B.Subtillis, a probiotic.  Other probiotics could also be used in the formula, and Deerland Enzymes is happy to customize a product based on our customers’ specific formulation requirements,”​ he said.

Regulatory tightrope

Gut health has always been a sensitive area when it comes to making claims that comply with the law.  Infections in the gut are often treated with antibiotics and yeast infections are treated with prescription antifungal drugs.  A number of companies have run afoul of regulators in this realm.; major kefir manufacturer Lifeway Foods received a warning letter​ and prominent probiotics manufacturer UAS Labs suffered through a product seizure​, both over what FDA said were unsubstantiated drug claims. So the making of claims on a product such as ThioZyme YD requires a deft touch.

Deerland supplies a list of structure function claims that may be made on the product, Deaton said.  They include claims such as “Promotes optimal digestive health by supporting normal levels of yeast in the GI tract,”“Supports normal gut health and gut functions”​ and “Stimulates the colon to maintain a normal microflora.”

Fruitful partnership

This new formula is a result of Deerland’s partnership with Thione International, headed by noted gastronenterologist-hepatologist Dr. Theodore (Ted) Hersh.  In addition to ThioZyme YD, the partnership yielded an antioxidant enzyme formula, the original ThioZyme, which aims to boost the body’s own antioxidant reducing systems with enhanced enzyme activity.

In addition to supplying a full line of nutritional and industrial enzymes, Deerland, based in Kennesaw, GA, offers contract manufacturing services, and expanded its manufacturing capabilities significantly in 2009.

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