Cyvex's Cognisetin receives US patent as memory enhancer

By Stephen Daniells

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance (NOA) for the branded ingredient Cognisetin. The patent is specific to methods of using flavonoids to enhance memory.

The ingredient Cognisetin is based on the flavonoid fisetin, present naturally in fruits and vegetables including strawberries, and has been shown to stimulate the signaling pathways that enhance long-term memory.

Cognisetin is the result of an agreement between the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Cyvex Nutrition. Cyvex has licensed the Salk Institute's patent covering fisetin to enhance memory and has exclusive distribution rights for the ingredient, which is available worldwide in powdered form.

The patent, titled “Methods of Using Flavonoids to Enhance Memory”​, was deemed genuinely novel by USPTO and describes the ingredient as a neuroprotector capable of generating neuron cells in the presence of damage, promoting antioxidant synthesis, and reducing overactive brain- and spinal cord-specific immune defenses that contribute to age-related decline and/or conditions.

“The resulting patent illustrates Cyvex’s commitment to the nutraceutical industry by providing evidence-based ingredients with proven scientific support,"​ said Matt Phillips, president of Cyvex Nutrition. “This patent validates Cognisetin’s status as a genuinely novel ingredient with a clinically-backed cognitive health benefit."


According to the company, the ingredient’s benefits extend beyond its antioxidant potential, with in vitro​ data showing it can pass the blood-brain barrier.

Animal studies from the Salk Institute published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS​, 2006, Vol. 44, pp. 16568) and Genes & Nutrition​ (2009, Vol. 4, pp. 297-307) support the efficacy of the ingredient.

Correction: In the original form of this article, published on January 6th, our article was unclear about the ownership of the patent - the patent belongs to the Salk Institute. Cyvex licenses the Salk Institute's patent covering fisetin to enhance memory and has exclusive distribution rights for the ingredient. The above article contains the correct information. Our apologies.

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