Organic spirulina heads mainstream, says Valensa

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Valensa International is launching a range of products it hopes will bring a mainstream dietary supplements audience to the niche algae extract.

To achieve its goal, Valensa has selected Indian supplier, Parry Nutraceuticals' organic spirulina for the range because it considers it to contain higher levels of phytonutrients than US spirulina.

Valensa and Parry already have a spirulina relationship as Parry’s organic spirulina appears in a Valensa Spirulina & Astaxanthin Complex supplement, but now the two will go further.

“Third-party laboratory analyses showed significantly higher levels of phytonutrients that consumers want from their spirulina products in Parry Organic Spirulina than those found in available US-sourced spirulina,”​ Valensa said.

While Valensa has chosen to use organic spirulina in the products that will for the range, it does not necessarily mean the end-products will be organic.

"Taken by itself, the Parry product is the best spirulina on the market today,”​ said Dr Rudi E. Moerck, president and chief executive officer of Valensa.

He added that Parry’s spirulina had a minimum of synthetic minerals found in non-organic offerings. “In the case of certain nutrients – like vitamins and minerals – consumers usually reach for traditional supplements. When they reach for spirulina, they are looking for the natural nutrients that formed the basis of our evaluation -- carotenoids, phycocyanin, chlorophyll and GLA."

Valensa said two new studies demonstrated Parry’s organic spirulina compared favorably with Hawaiian spirulina including eight percent higher levels of carotenoids,​23 percent more zeaxanthin, equal levels of C-phycocyanin and crude phycocyanin, 30 percent more chlorophyll and 20 percent more GLA.

The firm added that aside from the organic status of Parry’s Organic Spirulina, the fact it is verified under the US Pharmacopeia ingredient verification program and is also GRAS affirmed, were factors as it gave peace of mind against boosting the mineral content of non-organic spirulina by adding mineral salts.

Parry Organic Spirulina is said to have the highest recommended intake (20g/day as per GRAS affirmation) of any spirulina product and meets California Prop 65 guidelines.

Parry Nutraceuticals remains one of the only organic spirulina manufacturers left in the world after organic rule changes sucked much of the economic incentive to produce organically out of the sector.

This occurred in 2005 when the US National Organic Standards Board ruled out the use of Chilean nitrate in organic production and caused Cyanotech and Earthwise to can organic production. Chilean nitrate is a water-soluble source of nitrogen.

It is an organic material but, since it is mined, not a sustainable one. While a water-soluble source is required in microalgae farming, in terrestrial farming it is not desirable as it can lead to the contamination of ground water.

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