Orange peel the key to combat heartburn

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The first heartburn product to contain orange peel extract (OPE) is
being distributed by Enzymatic Therapy

Enzymatic Therapy has begun distributing Heartburn Free, which it claims is the first heartburn product to contain orange peel extract (OPE).

The company said that recent tests had shown OPE, or more specifically, a key ingredient called d-Limonene which naturally occurs in citrus and a wide variety of other plant species, can prevent occasional heartburn, greatly reducing the number of occasional heartburn incidents.

There are currently two schools of thought on how OPE works to combat heartburn. On the one hand, OPE is thought to promote healthy peristalsis, the way in which the body moves food and fluids from one place to another.On the other, OPE is also thought to work as a surfactant, reducing the surface tension of the liquid contents in the stomach.

Enzymatic Therapy said that the studies had shown that OPE could give immediate relief for occasional heartburn but that long term use of the extract over a period of 20 days or more could provide long-lasting relief. Additional research is ongoing to determine just how long the positive effects last, the company said.

Heartburn Free is a 20-day preventative regimen which the company said had been proven in clinical trials to provide relief to nearly 90% of participants by day 14.The OPE used in Heartburn Free is standardised to contain a minimum of 98.5% d-limonene.

"Heartburn Free addresses the underlying cause of occasional heartburn, rather than simply masking symptoms,"​ said Dr. Decker Weiss, a naturopathic physician and member of the Enzymatic Therapy Scientific Advisory Board.

"Existing treatment options, such as antacids, proton pump inhibiters, H2 blockers and even surgery, may help chronic sufferers, but often interfere with healthy stomach acid levels and mineral absorption or protein digestion,"​ he continued.

"Until now, the options have been limited: either live with the burning, or live with diarrhoea, constipation, headache, nausea, drowsiness, muscle spasms, depression and the other potential side effects of traditional products."

"Heartburn Free does not interfere with healthy stomach acid levels nor does it inhibit mineral absorption or protein digestion, problems related to use of other heartburn products."

Enzymatic Therapy stressed that Heartburn Free was not intended for persistent or chronic heartburn, a serious condition for which a health care professional should be consulted.

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