‘Microbial Noah’s Ark’to preserve the diversity of human microbiota

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‘Microbial Noah’s Ark’to preserve the diversity of human microbiota

By Stephen Daniells

A new biobank known as the Microbiota Vault recently received the go ahead to move on to the pilot stage: The ultimate goal is to gather beneficial microorganisms from human populations whose microbiomes are uncompromised by antibiotics, processed diets...

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Plant-based diet helps mice ward off GI infection: Study

By Danielle Masterson

An increasing number of health-conscious consumers are embracing the plant-based lifestyle. While few are willing to commit to full-on veganism, according to Nielsen, about 40% of American and Canadian consumers are trying to eat more plant-based foods.

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Researchers develop database to disentangle microbiota web of information

By Danielle Masterson

In order to bring microbiome research to routine clinical practice, there must be a standard report that allows an individual’s microbiome to be compared to the expanding knowledge base of “normal” microbiome data. Researchers say their Fecal Biome Population...


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