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Soy isoflavones may aid with sleep, says study

By Adi Menayang

Can isoflavones found in soybeans help insomniacs get some sleep? Researchers in Japan, who studied more than a thousand participants from various walks of life, think so.

BASF hikes vitamin B2 price 20%

BASF hikes vitamin B2 price 20%


BASF tells us its 20% vitamin B2 (riboflavin) price hike is due to “rising demand” across human and animal nutrition, but gave no further data on the significant jump.

Demand is increasing for sunflower-derived lecithin, as non-GM soy becomes scarcer

Non-GM lecithin supply struggling to keep up with demand


There is a gap in the market for non-genetically modified lecithin, as the major soy producing countries are dominated by GM crops, according to Cargill’s fluid lecithin product manager Thorsten Bornholdt.

Burcon: Market timing right for pea protein

Burcon: Market timing right for pea protein

By Maggie Hennessy

Functional plant protein supplier Burcon NutraScience Corp. continued its focus on commercializing its “invisible” pea protein isolate Peazazz during the second quarter of fiscal 2014, beginning operations at its semi-works facility, ramping up discussions...


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