Oral Hygiene

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Role for cranberry seen in oral health for seniors

By Hank Schultz

The biofilm-fighting property of cranberry could play a key role in improving oral health for seniors in nursing homes, according to a dental expert who has studied the problem.

Study queries dental health credentials of sugar free gums, but findings questioned by Mondelez scientist. Photo Credit: Mike Burns

Caries and gingivitis sugar free gum benefits questioned: Study

By Oliver Nieburg

Colombian researchers have questioned the clinical benefits of sugar free chewing gum to prevent dental caries and gingivitis after a double-blind, randomized controlled trial. A scientist from Mondelez has doubted the findings.

Probiotics’ oral health potential gathers pace

Special edition: Oral health

Probiotics’ oral health potential gathers pace

By Stephen Daniells

Probiotics are not only about gut health. The friendly bugs have also been touted to become the next blockbuster functional ingredients in gum and mints by Euromonitor. But which strains show the most potential, where does the science stand, and how do...

Tea may fight bad breath

Tea may fight bad breath

Compounds found in tea can stop the growth of bacteria that cause
bad breath, according to researchers at the University of Illinois
at Chicago, presenting results of a new study this week.


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