Photo credit: Surinder Chopra/Penn State

Designer corn shows 'promising' results in mouse model of IBD

By Danielle Masterson

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic intestinal inflammatory condition that has seen an uptick in recent years. There are over 3 million IBD sufferers in the United States alone, much of which can be attributed to the Western diet. Researchers...

Vermont AG's safe harbor clause in GMO labeling enforcement

'Our enforcement priorities will focus on willful violations of the labeling law'

Vermont AG offers 6-month safe harbor on GMO labeling enforcement

By Elaine Watson

In a memorandum on the new GMO labeling law coming into force in Vermont in July, attorney general William H. Sorrell says enforcement action will “focus on willful violations of the labeling law” and that there will be a six-month safe harbor period...

Not great for the waistline... but it's 'all-natural'...

Poll: Do we need a clearer definition of ‘natural’?

By Elaine Watson

In the world of food marketing, perception is everything. Consumers want foods that sound wholesome, friendly, and above all “natural” – although they are rarely able to articulate what this means.

Chewing the GM cud

Chewing the GM cud

If nothing else, the opening decade of the 21st century will go
down in the annals of time as the period the world went to war over
GMOs. When it comes to genetically modified organisms, passions run
deep and the path to reconciling...


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