China's proposed food safety overhaul lacks clarity and detail, NPA says

China's proposed food safety overhaul lacks clarity and detail, NPA says

By Hank Schultz

China’s proposed changes in its food safety regulations, which also govern dietary supplements, are long on aspiration and short on specifics. That’s the opinion expressed by the Natural Products Association in comments the organization submitted to Chinese...

EVEn keel: The claim-making furore hasn't stopped POM launching a provocative campaign

FTC complaint may influence other POM Wonderful legal actions

By Shane Starling

Pomegranate leader POM Wonderful and Pepsi-owned Tropicana – locked in a legal battle over juice claims – have been asked to submit comments about the complaint lodged against POM by the Federal Trade Commission last month.

Free speech argument a

Dispatches from the NI Health Claims 2010 conference

Free speech argument a "possible avenue": UK lawyer

By Stephen Daniells

Making claims based on non-conclusive but still substantial science is a "possible avenue" since denying a 'maybe' claim may challenge free speech rights, says a UK lawyer.

Nutrinova wins patent case

Nutrinova wins patent case

Food ingredient company Nutrinova has won a legal battle against
Zhangjiagang Hope Chemicals for infringement of it's European
patent for the manufacture of the high intensity sweetener
Acesulfame K (AcK).

Metabolife court case proceeds

Metabolife court case proceeds

An alleged attempt by US-based dietary supplement manufacturer
Metabolife to prevent scientific experts giving evidence against
its weight loss products has been dismissed by a US judge,
according to lawyers acting for the plaintiffs.


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