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Could 2021 be THE worst year in memory for botanical supply?

Experts sound alarm over 2021 botanical supply challenges

By Stephen Daniells

As sales of dietary supplements and natural products remain high – and many companies report record sales – the strain on the supply chain is immense, and for botanicals in particular, and that means a difficult 2021 could be on the horizon.

India’s nutrition boom produces contract research boon

Special edition: Asia

India’s nutrition boom produces contract research boon

By Stephen Daniells

As the need for scientific support for potential health claims for healthy foods increases, India is leveraging its pharmaceutical expertise to take a bite of the functional foods pie. say 'protato' say 'protato'

Genetically modified potatoes, developed to tackle malnutrition
among poor Indian children, are in the final stages of testing,
according to a report in the journal New Scientist.


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