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SkySail takes on heart health with plant sterols

SkySail takes on heart health with plant sterols

By Danielle Masterson

According to the CDC, heart disease costs the United States nearly $240 billion each year. This includes the cost of productivity loss, healthcare services and medicines. SkySail is one CPG brand that is hoping more Americans won't get to that point....


MenaQ7 Vitamin K may offer heart protection in menopausal women

By Olivia Brown

In soon-to-be published research by Gnosis by Lesaffre, new findings suggest that daily intakes of MenaQ7 vitamin K supplement may improve blood vessel elasticity and regulate blood pressure in menopausal women with arterial stiffness.

© image_jungle / Getty Images

RCT supports probiotic’s cardiometabolic health potential

By Stephen Daniells

Dietary supplementation with a specific Lacticaseibacillus paracasei probiotic strain may improve the function of the endothelium and overall heart health in people with metabolic syndrome (MetS), says a new study.


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