What's happening in the UK & EU for CBD?

What's happening in the UK & EU for CBD?

By Stephen Daniells

With the UK and the European Union now on divergent paths because of Brexit, what is the state of play for regulating hemp and CBD across the pond and where are the opportunities?

EFSA: “The fact we are here is an indication we are willing to commit to dialogue.”

Open book: The future of probiotic marketing in Europe

By Shane Starling in Brussels

‘Openness’ and ‘better dialogue’ between industry, scientists and regulators were themes of the day as the newly minted European chapter of the International Probiotics Association (IPA-Europe) launched itself with a mini-congress in Brussels yesterday.

Antioxidants as a marketing term hangs in the balance

Coke: Antioxidants will be replaced by 'polyphenols'

By Shane Starling

With antioxidants failing to impress European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists and the term itself therefore likely to soon become an unauthorised health claim in the EU, antioxidant forms like polyphenols are filling the marketing void, a Coca-Cola...

Death by food support

Weekly comment

Death by food support

If the EU keeps hiding its agriculture sector behind huge pay
cheques instead of devoting more time to food research funding, the
bloc's whimpering and wailing will only get worse.

US calls for GM dispute panel

US calls for GM dispute panel

The United States, Argentina and Canada have asked the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) to set up a dispute settlement panel to decide
whether or not the EU's policies on genetically modified organisms
(GMOs) constitute a barrier...


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