Herbalife asks Mirror to take down 'baseless' article

Herbalife shakes not responsible for Mexican death, say doctors

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

A "previous serious illness" was responsible for the death of a Mexican woman - not Herbalife weight loss shakes - say local doctors following accusations in the Mexican and UK press of lead contamination.

Aging made easier

Aging made easier

Oasis Wellness Network has unveiled its latest anti-aging product,
said to be 'revolutionary' and able to dramatically affect the way
people view and experience aging.

Antioxidants to tackle old age

Antioxidants to tackle old age

What role do antioxidants play in preventing age-related diseases?
What changes occur in the human body when it ages? A European
funded study, co-ordinated by the UK Institute of Food Research in
Norwich, is currently trying to tackle...


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