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Dr Ritz (right) chats with Dr Jeffrey Bland (left) from the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute at the recent Thought Leaders Consortium 2014

PLMI 2014 Thought Leaders Consortium

Strategic product development for a personalized, practitioner-driven approach to cardiovascular, metabolic, and cognitive health

By Barry W. Ritz, PhD, VP Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Atrium Innovations Inc

Developing innovative dietary supplement products for nutrition-trained or functional medicine practitioners who engage in a personalized approach to patient management presents interesting challenges and opportunities. How do you develop, manufacture...

That'll be the text reminding me to take my supplement...

Special edition: Outsourcing

Mobile technology and RCTs: An innovative trend on the rise


Smart phones are enhancing the way CROs run clinical trials, but what's possible with mobile technology, how is the technology affecting recruitment and compliance, and how do you measure success?  

Vitamin E tocotrienols show brain health benefits

Largest ever human clinical study using tocotrienols for neuroprotection

Vitamin E tocotrienols show brain health benefits


Daily supplements of a natural full spectrum palm mixed tocotrienol complex may protect against the progression of white matter lesions in human brains, says a new study from Malaysia and the UK.


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