Breast Milk

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Tocopherol source may affect breast milk vitamin E profile, says study

By Adi Menayang

The vitamin E alpha-tocopherol is imperative to a baby’s nervous system development, and they primarily get this from breast milk or formula. In a clinical trial, researchers from Abbott Nutrition found that there might be a difference in how synthetic...

Mary Ellen Sanders:

Japanese dairy backs bifidobacteria

By Anne Bruce

Scientists have called new discoveries from leading Japanese dairy product company Morinaga Milk Industry on popular probiotic genus bifidobacteria, “an interesting first step”.

LCP supplement for baby milk

LCP supplement for baby milk

Breast feeding may affect a child's intelligence as well as
bringing other benefits. But it is not always possible for women to
breastfeed. As a result, researchers are looking to develop a
bottle formula that more closely resembles...


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