Bone Loss

Prunes might alter postmenopausal gut for bone health

Prunes might alter postmenopausal gut for bone health

By Asia Sherman

Postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density may benefit from polyphenol-rich prunes if their guts contain certain microbes, according to research funded by the California Prune Board.

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Casein-encapsulated calcium eases GI concerns, study finds

By Hank Schultz

Researchers working with a group of postmenopausal women found that a technology using casein to encapsulate calcium nanoparticles reduced GI issues compared with more conventional calcium carbonate or calcium citrate supplements.

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Calcium may not help prevent bone loss in men

By Tim Cutcliffe

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and rates of bone loss showed no association with dietary calcium intake in men, according to a recent study in British Journal of Nutrition.


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