Large-scale study to assess whether cocoa flavanol supplements benefit heart health. Photo Credit: Happy Days Photos and Art

Mars gears up for large-scale cocoa flavanol pill study

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Chocolate giant Mars and the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute are readying themselves for a five-year research project into possible heart-health benefits of taking a daily flavanol-rich capsule. 

Berry pigments show heart health benefits

Berry pigments show heart health benefits

By Stephen Daniells

Increased intakes of anthocyanins – antioxidant pigments from fruit and vegetables – may reduce blood vessel hardening and improve overall heart health, says a new study.

Oats keep arteries clear

Oats keep arteries clear

A Tufts University team has discovered that compounds in oats
hinder the ability of cholesterol to stick to artery walls, thereby
preventing the build-up of plaques that block arteries and endanger
heart health.

Fishing for health

Fishing for health

Moves to further investigate the impact of fish consumption on
heart health have been undertaken in a new study by Edinburgh
university in Scotland.


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