‘Demand-creation’ business model key to sustainability

By Will Chu

How to create a new high-value, sustainable business model for African ingredients? By focusing on demand-creation first, production second and engagement with communities, says the founder of baobab start-up Aduna. 

GM is being presented as a silver bullet solution to malnutrition in Africa, says Harvard University's Professor Sheila Jasanoff

live from EFSA's 2nd scientific conference

‘Starving Africa’ cliché used to push GM: Harvard Professor

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn at the Milan Expo

An over-simplistic image of impoverished, malnutritioned Africa is being used to push the case for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), a senior Harvard professor has warned.

Nutrient powerhouse baobab is one of the few plant sources of calcium

Big interview, Adolf Joubert, CEO Afrinatural

When will African ingredients get the attention they deserve?

Africa has a wealth of indigenous plant species, but has not been as successful as India and China at commercializing them as nutraceuticals, one South African firm trying to spread the word about the continent’s natural ingredients tells Elaine Watson

Baobab fruit approved as food ingredient in US

Baobab fruit approved as food ingredient in US

By Rod Addy

Baobab fruit pulp has been given the green light of approval for use in some food and drink applications, with the US FDA signing off GRAS status for the vitamin C-rich ingredient.

Investing in paprika

Investing in paprika

Paprika, used as a food colourant and flavour enhancer throughout
the world, has attracted the focus of regional economic
initiatives, governments and agribusiness from South Africa to
Zambia. In Zambia, family agribusiness Bimzi...


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