Specnova LLC

Specnova LLC

From discovery to clinical study, Specnova's pioneering approach to transforming nature's extraordinary ingredients into branded raw materials offers you a competitive advantage and a cache for product innovation. One look at our vibrantly pigmented fruit, herb and plant extracts reveals why we're different, the color of our commitment to quality and purity. The real differentiation is in what your customers don't see.

  • Novel, clinically driven claims
  • Exciting encapsulation and delivery systems
  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Stronger, proven benefits to help your brand stand out

Specnova provides novel, clinically studied, branded ingredients and state-of-the-art ingredient delivery systems to the supplement, food & beverage, and nutricosmetics industries. Those ingredients include:

  • NooGandha®​ Ashwagandha for cognitive performance
  • MitoHeal®​ Red and Blackcurrant Duo for hair, skin, and nail rejuvenation
  • GingerT3™ High Potency Ginger Extract for joint support
  • AlphaFen®​ Fenugreek Seed Extract for men's health
  • HempClear®​ Broad Spectrum, Low Odor Hemp Extract
  • NordicCherry®​ Full Spectrum Tart Cherry Extract
  • NordicElderberry®​ Encapsulated Elderberry Extract

Specnova also offers advanced delivery systems with its NEW LipoVantage™ Advanced Liposomal Technology for better delivery of natural ingredients. LipoVantage™ increases bioavailability, stability, and solubility, changing the way products are formulated!