Nitta Gelatin

Nitta Gelatin

Nitta Gelatin is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gelatin and collagen related products. Founded in 1918, Nitta has continued to innovate and provide value-added ingredients to our customers. The company is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as a leader in quality, service and research. Nitta has consistently played the role of industry leader by continually discovering new ways to unlock the potential of gelatin and collagen.



Nitta utilizes its sales offices and R&D facilities throughout the world to provide unsurpassed customer support. The most recent addition to our R&D network came in 2011 with the opening of an applications laboratory in Morrisville, North Carolina which is focused on serving our North American customers with a full range of product development and technical support.


Gelatin & Collagen Peptides

Nitta Gelatin manufactures a wide range of food, pharmaceutical and technical grade gelatins in manufacturing facilities that are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. The company also specializes in the production of Wellnex™ collagen peptides, a protein providing clinically proven benefits for skin, bone and joint health. Wellnex™ collagen peptides are suitable for use in a wide range of products including functional foods and beverages, supplements and cosmetics.