Chemical Resources (CHERESO)


CHEMICAL RESOURCES (CHERESO), incorporated in 2003, is dedicated to the principles of tradition, innovation and research. The Company facility is a 100% Export Oriented Unit approved by Govt. of India and is WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, Kosher, HALAL and NSF- US GMP certified.

Our business focuses on manufacturing of Nutraceuticals and standardized herbal extracts as per Pharmacopoeia Standards. We are manufacturing plant-based scientifically processed products to meet the present and future market demands.

Some of our innovative products are: 

1. FENFURO:  Blood Glucose Management​. - Clinical data on 154 subjects available. Product and process patents available. Further clinical study on 200 subjects is underway.

2.  GCB 70: Weight Management & Anti-Oxidant​  - Clinical data on 100 subjects is ready. Patent filed.

3. FUROCYST: For PCOS Management​. - Clinical data on 50 subjects is complete. Product patent is available. Application patent filed. Further study on 100 subjects is under compilation.

4. FUROSAP: For Overall Energy and Vitality in Men -​ Clinical data on 50 subjects is complete.  Product patent is available.​ Further study on 100 subjects ​is ​under compilation.​

5. PROSMAN: For BPH management​ - Clinical data on 140 subjects ​is available. Product and process patent is available.

We can provide complete clinical studies for the above mentioned products. 

6. GRECOBE (The Green Coffee): An ultimate antioxidant​. -  It was awarded the best tasting functional beverage at Vitafoods Hong Kong in 2016 & Vitafoods Geneva, Switzerland in 2017.

​We have introduced GRECOBE in sachet form as a ready to drink beverage.​

7. FUROSLIM: Weight and Lipid Regulator

We boast our professionally managed, well-equipped QA and QC department, in-house DSIR approved R&D lab and world-class regulatory standards enabling us to provide quality products across the globe.

CHERESO is a proud owner of 12 international patents and 12 registered trademarks. We have also been recognized with various awards as emerging entrepreneurs and for our outstanding work in R&D.

Our U.S. Business Associate:

Cepham Inc - 144, 12th St, Piscataway Township, NJ - 08854, USA

Phone: +1 201-255-6011

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