Bonerge-Botanical Energy for Healthy Aging

Bonerge-Botanical Energy for Healthy Aging

Bonerge Lifescience is one innovative manufacturer specialized in longevity ingredients. We closely follow up on the latest anti-aging science, develop novel longevity ingredients. Bonerge is rooted in bringing products that target 12 hallmarks of aging. Live longer and healthier, this is our driving force.

Our product quality and safety are driven by BongeLov system. Love is our core value, Love is important for Bonerge and our society, so we developed BongeLov system.

We hope to get in contact with pioneer lifespan enterprises, introduce our ingredients into their excellent formulas and contribute value to society. This is our work, and it will be part of our life.

Featured Products

BeFisetin, Be Golden Standard of Fisetin.
BeFisetin99: Light yellow powder indicates the removing of most impurities. Ultrapure Fisetin extract, total flavonol > 99%, Fisetin content> 98%.

Flagship spec: Assay 95% Fisetin. Guided by standardized testing methods, authoritative reference standard, strict quality guidelines.

Urolithin A​, Pioneer factory for years.
Great mitochondria energy revitalizer. Ultrapure Urolithin NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, qualified.

Dihydroberberine​, we’re the top manufacturer.
Herbal GLP-1 antagonist for weight loss. More direct, 5x absorption than berberine

Key ingredient
Patent-pending Crystal NR, NMN, NAD, NADH, Apigenin, Mushroom Extract yield for Ergothioneine, Spermidine, PQQ etc.

Updated ingredients: Liposome fisetin, Lipo Urolithin A, Lipo VC…

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