Advanced Organic Materials (AOM)

Advanced Organic Materials (AOM)

AOM is a leading producer of natural ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Our Antioxidant and Nutrition products deliver powerful protection and fortification to many consumer products across multiple industries worldwide, including food and beverage, feed, nutrition, and personal care, among others.  We offer the widest range of Natural Tocopherols available and pioneered the use of Sunflower and Rapeseed to satisfy the need for non-GMO, Soy-free ingredients.

As producers from the most basic raw materials, and with a manufacturing facility configured for flexibility, AOM offers the broadest non-GMO portfolio in our category, with full Hard IP certification from the seed to the finished product.

AOM is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since October 2016 has a commercial team, office and warehouse in Spain serving the European market.

Key product lines:

Sun-E:​ Non-GMO, non-allergen Vitamin E sourced exclusively from Sunflower

Tocomix:​ Natural mixed tocopherols

Tocomix IP:​ Hard-IP certified, Non-GMO natural mixed tocopherols

Tocomix R:​ Non-GMO, non-allergen natural mixed tocopherols sourced exclusively from Rapeseed

Advasterol: ​Plant sterols in powder and prill form

Advasterol IP:​ Hard-IP certified, Non-GMO plant sterols

Advasterol S:​ Non-GMO, non-allergen sunflower-sourced sterols rich in Beta-Sitosterol

Advasterol Ester:​ Sterol esters made from all Advasterol products for added solubility

Advasterol WD:​ Water-dispersible plant sterols powder

Sunvolec:​ Sunflower Lecithin, Non-GMO