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INNOBIO Carotenoid Beadlets-GF, An excellent choice for tablets and hard capsules


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INNOBIO Carotenoid Beadlets-GF, An excellent choice for tablets and hard capsules

Beadlets are spherical micro-particles typically not less than 500μm in size. Beadlet technology provides an excellent opportunity to add fragile ingredients to supplements while protecting them from formulation stresses of mixing or tablet compression and to enhance shelf-life of the finished product. INNOBIO’s gelatin free (GF) Beadlet technology is a proprietary process designed for carotenoid products, including lutein, lutein ester, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, beta-carotene and lycopene. INNOBIO offers an innovative, gelatin free carotenoid beadlet formulation for a vegan compatible ingredient. INNOBIO beadlet technology can produce nanometer to micrometer capsules, protecting fragile carotenoids from degrading in harsh conditions from temperature, oxygen, or light. This technology provides improved stability while increasing application options using a wide variety of carotenoid combinations.

INNOBIO is a Chinese company established in 2003 to develop unique specialty ingredients for natural dietary supplements, specialty foods, sports nutrition, specialty beverages, supplements, and medical foods. In a few short years, INNOBIO has developed advanced technologies of extraction, concentration, purification, bio-conversion and microencapsulation of natural ingredients and is now an internationally recognized expert and supplier of specialty ingredients.

INNOBIO Carotenoid Beadlet-GF Product Advantages
- Gelatin free
- Cold water dispersible
- Dustless particles and good compressive ability
- Excellent stability and application performance
- Vegetarian food grade ingredients
- Proprietary technology
- Meets EU and US quality standards
- US FDA GRAS certification
- Continuous R&D and Technical Support

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