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How Fibregum Reinforces the intestinal barrier

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Fibregum™​ products are all-natural, non-GMO, guaranteed minimum 90% soluble dietary fiber carefully selected and sourced from acacia gum trees. Fibregum™​ products appeal to consumers because they are clean label, 100% vegetable and available in certified organic grades. Several scientific studies have demonstrated the properties of acacia gum, including its prebiotic effect at a dose of 5-10 g/day and better intestinal transit regulation for a healthy digestive system.
Recently, Nexira has conducted two new clinical studies showing that Fibregum™​ is a natural alternative to protect and reinforce the intestinal barrier through different mechanisms. Fibregum™​ has a prebiotic effect by increasing the healthy bacteria and it stimulates the short chain fatty acids production. Fibregum™​ decreases the gut inflammation and restores the gut impermeability. All these mechanisms of action are detailed at the cellular level in this new white paper.

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