EVNol SupraBio™ Bio-Enhanced Tocotrienol Complex

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EVNol SupraBio™ Bio-Enhanced Tocotrienol Complex

EVNol SupraBio™ is a patented self-emulsifying palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex that guarantees increased oral absorption of each individual tocotrienols by up to 300%.

It was developed to overcome the poor absorption and low bioavailability of tocotrienols from an oil extract.

The SupraBio™ system (US Patent No.: 6,596,306) contains a precise mixture of oil and approved food emulsifiers at optimum ratio and processing that self-emulsifies in the gastrointestinal tract to facilitate and provide a rapid and consistent absorption of tocotrienols into the plasma, independent of dietary fat or food intake.

Clinical studies on healthy human confirms the efficacy of EVNol SupraBio™, which increases the rate and extent of absorption of each individual tocotrienol form by up to 300% (average 250%) compared to a regular tocotrienol oil extract.

In a ground-breaking human clinical study published in the Journal of Nutrition​ (2012), supplementation of tocotrienols from EVNol SupraBio™ shows that tocotrienols are taken up efficiently and deposited at vital human organs, such as the brain, the liver, the heart, as well as skin and fat tissues.

EVNol SupraBio™ is the only tocotrienol/tocopherol complex in the market that has actual human tissue distribution study that has been proven to increase absorption of orally supplemented tocotrienol into the plasma (bioavailability) and accumulation into vital human organs (bioefficiency).

EVNol SupraBio™ is also the most researched tocotrienol product in the market, scientifically substantiated with at least 15 human clinical studies on Brain Health, Liver Support, Oral Beauty and Cardiovascular Health.

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