Clinical Trial Design – Strategies for Success

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Clinical Trial Design – Strategies for Success

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Is there interest in dietary supplement research? The answer is a resounding yes! Did you know that 16,000 plus dietary supplement studies are registered on popular trial registries like clinicaltrials.gov? This is amazing and does demonstrate a global excitement about how dietary supplements is real and should not be dismissed. Just as consumers have gotten savvier, so has the ability to execute prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials. Now, more than ever, validated forms of testing and evaluating a product in a real-world setting has become reality. No longer are companies solely relying on single objective studies or just questionnaire based data. Studies actively recruiting today, are more robust, scientifically sound and formulated with marketing claims in mind. It is the goal of this Webinar to educate the attendee regarding the importance of being sure you are asking the right questions in a study. It will help in understanding what is the clinical trial process, in gaining an understanding of the importance of the inclusion and exclusion criteria, sharing insights into the process for obtaining objective and subjective data and more. This unique webinar will be a debate between experts on the latest know how’s of the clinical trial world and how YOU can design your next study with more confidence. To know what is that “X” factor which your study design must have – register for this enriching opportunity.

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Douglas Kalman PhD RD Douglas Kalman PhD RD Co-Founder, Clinical Associate Professor
Substantiation Sciences, Inc. and Nova Southeastern University

Jayesh Chaudhary Jayesh Chaudhary Co-founder & CEO
Vedic Lifesciences PVT LTD